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Monthly Archives: September 2015

National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day

Lewis Black said, “I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.” Any of you who are unashamed coffee addicts like me know exactly what he means. Although today is National Coffee day, I didn’t change my habit of drinking far too much coffee and getting the jitters so bad… Read more »

Watching Your Spending? There’s an App for That

Watching Your Spending? There's an App for That

Today, apps are used to track nearly everything, from how much we walk in a day to our electricity usage. But monitoring our spending in real-time hasn’t been so easy. What if you could see your finances and spending in real time? What if every time you spent money, you could see how and where… Read more »

Hunger Awareness Month

Hunger Awareness Month

September is Hunger Awareness month and although there is only about a week left that does mean you can’t get involved. I hope you did get the chance to volunteer or donate to have an impact on hunger during this month. Statistics show that over the course of one year, approximately 1 in 7 households… Read more »

Safety is Important, Especially Online

Safety is Important Especially Online

Every day you hear a lot about online security and so many stories of people who weren’t careful enough. Here at Sunrise, we have to be really careful not only in our work habits, but also outside of the office to keep ourselves and other people secure and protected. To that end, we share tips… Read more »

Running for Fun

Running for Fun

A group of us here at Sunrise have gotten together to run the Monster Dash at the end of October. We’re all running different race lengths but we’ve been discussing what we do to train. It’s fun to talk with the other people running this race because there are people who have completed long race… Read more »

What’s Up With Labor Day?

What's Up with Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is here. While a long weekend is always appreciated, especially when the forecast is sunny and warm, Labor Day weekend also means we’re coming to the unofficial end of summer. Schools are in session, white pants are no longer welcome, and weekends on the boat are coming to an end.  Labor Day… Read more »

Watching a Community Grow

The Great Battle for Springtime

Working in along University Ave in St. Paul has been really interesting. After the Green Line was put in there is lots of exciting stuff happening. I love to eat so I get excited about the huge variety of things you can get for lunch as well as the cool new places that pop up… Read more »