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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Gender Equity in Minnesota

Gender Equity in Minnesota

Gender equality and equity in the workplace are extremely important issues today. We’ve partnered with the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota as one of the sponsors of The Stir, their annual fundraising event. According to the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, “The Stir is the Twin Cities’ premier corporate women’s networking and leadership event of the year!… Read more »

Giving Back Together

Huge Confidence Boost

It’s time to take a second to talk about something. Well actually more to brag about something. It’s my coworkers. They are awesome people, not just because they are a joy to work with, but also because they are so generous. You might be wondering where this is all coming from. Well, recently, Sunrise Banks… Read more »

Building Valentine’s Day Memories

Building Valentine's Day Memories

Every year, it seems that Valentine’s day becomes more and more about buying things for your significant other and then going out for a fancy dinner. In my experience the most memorable and special Valentine’s day celebrations have been spent making something or just spending quality time with my significant other. I asked people I… Read more »