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Reminiscing with Coffee and Pecan Pie

Reminiscing with Coffee and Pecan Pie

This Memorial Day is a little different for my family this year.  In years past, my father would sit back in his dining room chair after the table had been cleared from a fabulous dinner on the grill, my mom would bring out the coffee pot and Dad would start telling stories. Dad has always… Read more »

Soft Voice, Big Story

Soft Voice, Big Story

Early this morning about 200 community residents and partners came together to celebrate something pretty special.  Serving St. Paul’s East side since 1908, Merrick Community Food Shelf has served 14,400 people a year with assistance to transition from poverty to independence. Their services run the gamut including a food shelf, senior services, employment services and… Read more »



This week I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts from my friends and colleagues who have children graduating high school this year.  Typically, the post has a photo of their proud senior donning themselves in some university gear or holding their school logo.  “Today is the day.  Johnny made the decision to go to the… Read more »

A Force for Good

Be the Change. Use business as a force of good.

I’m sure many of you are saying, “Huh? A bank who is a force for good? Isn’t that an oxymoron? ”  No, we aren’t Batman and Robin or any other superhero donned in lycra pants or a spectacular, flowing cape battling the bad guys. While the costume is definitely cool and gets the attention of… Read more »

Impact Multiplier

Sunrise Viewed Through the Eyes of an Intern

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Oxford University is blogging about what CSR is and what it means to organizations. Press releases about  India passing a law requiring some organizations to invest at least two percent of their net profits in socially responsible projects around the country. And more…. Read more »

Planning for Mojitos

Planning for Mojitos.

It’s April 1st….already.   And the sun has been peeking out from behind the clouds all week.  However, today it’s supposed to hit 73 degrees Fahrenheit.  With spring on our doorstep, my mailbox is starting to overflow with seed catalogs and nursery sale flyers.     And then it starts – my garden itch. Some would… Read more »

Caffeine + Sugar

National Coffee Day

It’s been a topic of conversation in the office as of late. In between the espresso shots of caffeine and the undeniable sound of a jolly rancher being unwrapped, someone actually said the word, “BLOG” during a recent team meeting. We should start a BLOG. Why haven’t we thought about doing a BLOG before?  Do… Read more »