Ah, the holiday season; a time meant for celebrating family, traditions, togetherness… and if you’re like me, eating everything that you’re not supposed to from November until January.

 The downfall for many of us is access to a never ending variety of sweet treats and artisan carbs that are passed off to us to see if it’s “a good batch” this year. And who can blame us for denying ourselves cookies that have been topped with frosting, chocolate and irresistible sparkly sprinkles, or beautiful bread that has been shaped into the perfect tool to make sure you get all the gravy off your plate…

But all joking aside, I think that the real reason we don’t say no to such lovely baked treats is because of all the time, effort, and care that goes into creating each piece for the sole purpose of someone truly enjoying them. Now that I’m considered a full time adult, I’m beginning to realize how precious time actually is; the fact that someone spent hours baking treats just so I can enjoy them is truly lovely and humbling. 

So, even though we live in a world that is endlessly fixated on material goods, even though I’m on a budget, and even if it is better late than never, I’m going to spend my time baking three different kinds of bread for my loved ones, because bringing simple joy and happiness to those around you is what the holiday season is all about.