Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Hiawatha Academies

By Tucker C | September 13, 2018

Minnesota is home to the nation’s second-highest achievement gap in reading and math. Hiawatha Academies understands that this gap is not due to ability but instead due to differences in opportunity. Therefore, as an organization focused on permanently disrupting educational inequity and closing the opportunity gap in Minneapolis, Hiawatha Academies aims to prepare all of… Read more »

Supportive Living Solutions

Supportive Living Solutions: Giving Access to Stability

By Tucker C | August 23, 2018

For many people facing a range of challenges, the key to recovery can be helping others. For Bill Arrigoni’s mother, that was exactly the case. In 1973, she approached Bill about opening a halfway house; the idea that became Supportive Living Solutions. Their mission: tackling the issue of stable housing in the Twin Cities. In… Read more »

Office Space

Growing Pains: Finding the Space to Keep Growing

By Tucker C | August 1, 2018

When it comes time to make a jump to a new space, there are many things to consider. The potential for future growth, amenities and location are just the beginning. We spoke with Don Ball, co-founder of Fueled Collective, and Julie Burton, founder of ModernWell, to get some insights into finding the perfect space for… Read more »

Element Gym

Element Gym: Collaborative Community Fitness

By Tucker C | July 10, 2018

Driving past Element Gym on Fairview Avenue, many would see a boxing gym, not giving it a second thought. True, Element started as a boxing focused gym, but since their launch, founder Dalton Outlaw has built a community-focused fitness space with so much more to offer than your average gym. A boxer himself, Outlaw had… Read more »

International Institute Class

International Institute of Minnesota: Mapping the Path to Citizenship

By Tucker C | June 19, 2018

For many Minnesotans, their only experience with the International Institute of Minnesota is through the Festival of Nations. Maybe some have seen their building near the State Fairgrounds or taken advantage of their passport photo services. That is only a very small sampling of the true impact and reach of the International Institute. For thousands… Read more »


A look at ModernWell with Darling Foods

By Tucker C | May 30, 2018

We recently spoke with Britt Jungerberg & Sara Doherty, founders of Darling Foods about their experience at ModernWell. What did you enjoy most about your experience at ModernWell? We found ModernWell to be a great space for meetings with vendors and other business contacts, especially for people that work out of the home. ModernWell provides… Read more »

Youth at capitol

The Bridge for Youth: A Place to Call Home

By Tucker C | May 18, 2018

Sister Rita Steinhagen, a nun with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, lived with a group of her fellow sisters in Minneapolis in the 1970’s. When she started noticing a large number of runaway youth in their neighborhood, she took it upon herself to help them. She offered them shelter in the nuns’ home… Read more »

Growing Your Brand

Growing Pains: Building Your Identity

By Tucker C | May 14, 2018

There are so many facets to a business’s brand, beyond a logo and website. When building a brand, it can be difficult to give full attention to the variables. To get a feel for the process, we spoke with Patrick Hanlon of Thinktopia and Dave Fransen of Fast Horse to get their advice. How Important… Read more »


PRG: Building Equity and Affordable Housing for over 40 years

By Tucker C | April 30, 2018

In 1976, a few neighbors banded together to preserve affordable housing in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. More than 40 years later, PRG, has expanded to cover the Twin Cities metro area, addressing multiple issues through affordable housing development and homeownership advising. PRG’s Communications and Development Manager, Ryan Stopera, states that the growth of PRG… Read more »


A look at ModernWell with Mikki Morrissette

By Tucker C | April 24, 2018

ModernWell is a women-centric, collaborative workspace founded by Julie Burton in 2017. Featuring open seating and private workspaces, wi-fi, coffee, tea, healthy food, private conference and consultation rooms, yoga and ongoing enrichment classes, ModernWell is a space where women will be celebrated and supported both professionally and personally. Fostering a kind and inclusive community, ModernWell… Read more »

Hypothetical Amazon App

How Amazon is Transforming Money

By David R | April 18, 2018

Disclaimer: This article was originally featured on MoneyInc.com, you can read the original posting here: http://moneyinc.com/how-amazon-is-transforming-money/ You may have heard that Amazon has been in talks with JPMorgan Chase about the possibility of an Amazon-branded checking account. No doubt, Amazon is looking to streamline their customer relationship with a built-in payment system, so customers won’t have… Read more »

Tap Into Trust

Tap Into Trust

By David R | April 18, 2018

Trust. Trust can be a scary thing. It shouldn’t be given easily and when lost, is rarely simple to regain. At Sunrise, building trust with our community and our customers, begins internally. We foster a culture of achievement and to do so, we need to trust that our employees will reject the quick short-term gains… Read more »