Craft Brewing. It’s everywhere, everyone has an opinion, and some people wonder if we can support that many breweries. I recently attended the opening of a new taproom down the street from one of our branches and I was really happy about what I saw there.

The place was jam packed with a line almost out the door to get beer. Sure, that made it complicated to get beer, but I loved seeing that.

Because I’m a big craft beer fan, pretty often a family member or friend will ask why there are so many new breweries and always follow that with; “don’t you think it’s too many?” Yes we do have a lot of breweries but I think the show of support at the opening of a new brewery should be the best indicator that even though there are a lot of Minnesota breweries, we are still willing to support the newest taproom and give their latest beer a shot.

It’s that willingness to give the new things a try that makes the small business climate so great in Minnesota. We are so ready to try out a new thing and if that thing turns out to be something we like, we’ll tell everyone we know and keep going back. Whether that be beer, artisan hats, homemade candies, or whatever else. It’s a sense of pride in our state that pushes us to support local entrepreneurs.