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Working to build your business quickly and need working capital now? Borrow at the speed of small business with our online application. Through our partnership with Fundation,® we’ve streamlined our loan process and expanded the credit solutions we can provide to our customers.

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Credit Solutions

  • More Credit Options

    Term loan and line of credit options through Sunrise Banks as well as Fundation.®

  • More Choices

    You may get offers from both lenders. Choose the loan that meets your needs.

  • Personal Service

    Enjoy tailored solutions, whether you borrow from Sunrise Banks or Fundation.®

  • Best-in-class Technology

    Our technology is designed to accelerate the approval and delivery of small business loans.

Offers are both term loans (up to $100,000) and lines of credit (up to $100,000) with no pre-payment penalties and terms up to 5 years.1 All term loans are fully-amortizing — meaning you will never end up with a balloon payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Sunrise Banks requires a copy of your most recently filed personal and business tax returns. In addition, Sunrise Banks requires copies of your most recent (six months prior) personal and business bank statements.

To expedite this process:

If you are currently a Sunrise customer, you can upload your personal and business tax returns in the application site through a secure portal. We will already have your bank statements on file.

If you are not currently a Sunrise customer or you have accounts at other banks as well: You can upload your personal and business tax returns in the application site through a secure portal. You will have the opportunity to retrieve non-Sunrise Banks statements directly from the application site through a secure portal.

If you can’t upload the required documents, you may still complete the application. A lender will contact you to obtain the required information as part of the loan application review process.

Application submissions are monitored throughout the business day, so it’s likely you will hear from a loan officer within 24 hours once your application is submitted. Your data is processed and analyzed to evaluate the health of your business. In many cases, funding can be provided in as little as one business day once approved. Loan funds are electronically deposited into your designated account via Automated Clearing House (ACH). Sunrise Banks defines business days as Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Saturday, Sunday, and federal holidays are not considered business days, even if we are open.

Absolutely. If you have questions or would like any help with your application, please let us know. Give us a call at (651) 927-1570 (or toll free: 1-(877) 492-2687) or drop by any of our six branch locations. If you prefer email, send your questions to XcelerationCapital@SunriseBanks.com.

In an effort to keep your data confidential and secure, you will not be able to save and return to your application at a later date/time. Please see our “Is there any required documentation?” and “What kind of information is needed to fill out the application?” FAQs so you can collect and enter in all the details needed for your lender to review your loan application.

No, the application process does not directly impact your credit score. We complete a soft inquiry to verify your credit history, which does not affect your credit score. If your loan is approved and accepted by you, loan payment history will be reported to the credit bureau(s).

In general, these are the types of questions you will be asked to complete your Xceleration Capital loan application:

  • What do you need funding for?
  • Can you outline your basic company history, such as years in business, annual business sales, etc.?
  • Does your business have outstanding debt?
  • What is the loan amount requested?
  • How many customers does this business have?

All loan payments are required to be processed as automatic electronic payments, via Automated Clearing House (ACH). You may designate what account you would like the payments to be debited from — an account at Sunrise Banks or another bank of your choosing.

  1. All loans subject to credit approval.

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