It’s been a topic of conversation in the office as of late. In between the espresso shots of caffeine and the undeniable sound of a jolly rancher being unwrapped, someone actually said the word, “BLOG” during a recent team meeting.

We should start a BLOG.

Why haven’t we thought about doing a BLOG before?

 Do you think people will actually read it if we write a BLOG?   

So, here we are with this grand experiment. 

But, we don’t want to be a typical blog carrying on about things only the marketing department at Sunrise Banks cares about.  After all, it’s not about us.  This blog is about you.  About our community.  About our customers.  About ideas. About sharing.

And, while we don’t know exactly where this blog will take us, our hope is that somehow, someway this small piece of the big world wide web makes an impact.  And that this impact is multiplied across the Twin Cities and even the globe. 

Consider this your formal invitation to hang out with us online.  Be part of the conversation.  Have some fun with us (Yes, smart bankers can be fun!). And help us be a business being used as a force for good.