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Favorable Treats: Family Comes First

Favorable Treats Cookie Dough

It has been said that family is everything. When things get difficult, they are our source of advice, and are there to make sure that you succeed. To Junita Flowers, her family is a source of constant support and the inspiration behind Favorable Treats. When Junita started Favorable Treats, she set out to share the… Read more »

Rift Valley Transportation: Destination Empowered

Rift Valley Transportation

Anyone who has experienced a Minnesota winter knows, Minnesota nice applies to the people, not the weather. Because of that, you may question why someone leaving Ethiopia, a country with 13 months of sunshine would choose the Twin Cities as their destination. Ebisso Uka, owner of Rift Valley Transportation, says it was an easy choice…. Read more »

Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward

Every year around the holiday season, our CEO gives every employee the ability to make a difference in their own way. Each employee is given $25 in cash and asked to pay it forward to someone who needs it in any way that they see fit. You might imagine that faced with this task many… Read more »

Giving and Golf

The Great Battle for Springtime

If you’ve been into one of our branches this week, no doubt you’ve seen the flyers about our current food drive. If you haven’t here is some background info. We are hosting a food drive until March 31st to benefit Second Harvest Heartland. If you are interested in donating to the food drive, boxes can… Read more »

Giving Back Together

Huge Confidence Boost

It’s time to take a second to talk about something. Well actually more to brag about something. It’s my coworkers. They are awesome people, not just because they are a joy to work with, but also because they are so generous. You might be wondering where this is all coming from. Well, recently, Sunrise Banks… Read more »

Help Us Say: “Welcome Home”

Help Us Say: "Welcome Home"

Building a house is a huge undertaking. That is a fact. Sunrise has set out this year to sponsor our own Habitat for Humanity house via our #WelcomeHome project. It’s not a new thing for companies to sponsor these houses but we are the first Twin Cities company of our size to ever set out… Read more »

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Sunrise Employee Highlight #4: Matthew H

Last year, our Community Ambassador was contacted by Toys R Us and Babies R US about their interest in donating toys to local non-profits. We worked with them to put together a group of non-profits to give the toys to and also host a holiday celebration at our Arcade branch. They donated around 250 toys… Read more »

Red Mittens

Red Mittens

With the holiday season quickly approaching, people all around have begun to decorate, play festive music and shop for the perfect gifts for loved-ones. As we go out shopping, buying gifts for family and friends, it’s also a great time to consider giving to those in need. This holiday season at Sunrise Banks, employees are… Read more »

Thanksgiving 365 Days a Year

Thanksgiving 365 Days a Year

I had breakfast earlier this summer with a friend of mine.  Her life is busy with a new job, a husband who owns his own small business and two young children whose days are filled with activities. We’ve all been there. Craziness ensues and you’re left begging for sleep, but I couldn’t get over how… Read more »

Sunrise Employee Giving Week

Sunrise Employee Giving Week

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reminded of how fortunate I am. I’m fortunate in many ways, but two things I’m especially thankful for this month are my generous co-workers and my generous neighbors near-and-far in Minnesota. The first week of November marked the annual Sunrise employee giving week.  Each year, employees at… Read more »