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The Bridge for Youth: A Place to Call Home

Youth at capitol

Sister Rita Steinhagen, a nun with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, lived with a group of her fellow sisters in Minneapolis in the 1970’s. When she started noticing a large number of runaway youth in their neighborhood, she took it upon herself to help them. She offered them shelter in the nuns’ home… Read more »

PRG: Building Equity and Affordable Housing for over 40 years


In 1976, a few neighbors banded together to preserve affordable housing in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. More than 40 years later, PRG, has expanded to cover the Twin Cities metro area, addressing multiple issues through affordable housing development and homeownership advising. PRG’s Communications and Development Manager, Ryan Stopera, states that the growth of PRG… Read more »

Tap Into Trust

Tap Into Trust

Trust. Trust can be a scary thing. It shouldn’t be given easily and when lost, is rarely simple to regain. At Sunrise, building trust with our community and our customers, begins internally. We foster a culture of achievement and to do so, we need to trust that our employees will reject the quick short-term gains… Read more »

Making Social Change Your Day Job

Software for Good Logo

When Casey Helbling started his software development company, Clear Consulting, in 2004, it was similar to many other software-consulting companies; they were doing well, making custom software solutions for their clients. While he was successful, Casey spent many of his nights and weekends doing pro-bono work for organizations with purpose-based missions. In 2008, after establishing… Read more »

Bringing Healthy Options to a Food Desert

Wirth Cooperative Grocery aims to offer access to affordable, healthy food in North Minneapolis

Access to healthy food options has been a growing issue in the neighborhoods in North Minneapolis, MN. Many traditional grocery stores have left, forcing residents to either go far outside their communities, or, if that isn’t realistic for them, make do with the limited options at convenience stores. Wirth Cooperative Grocery Store, which will open… Read more »

Sticking to Their Roots

CaJah Salon Owners, Carrie Sartin and Jim Halvorson

Even before striking out on their own as business owners, Carrie Sartin and Jim Halvorson were similarly driven. Working together as stylists they shared a lot of the same passions outside of their career. They were both interested in gymnastics, eventually becoming coaches together at a local Twin Cities school and they were both committed… Read more »

Transforming the Lives of Pets

Sojos Pet Food

In 1985, well before the current popularity of raw and natural pet food, Sojourners Farm was started in a home kitchen with the founding principal that natural and raw food would make pets not only healthier but happier as well. In 1996, Ward Johnson acquired Sojourner Farms, renamed it Sojos and set out to continue… Read more »

Making Home Possible

Aeon Logo

In their beginnings, Aeon saw a large contingent of homeless and nearly homeless people in the Twin Cities that was growing every year, while subsidized and low income housing options were shrinking. This opportunity led them to try and create more housing for the low- and very-low income housing population of St. Paul and Minneapolis…. Read more »

Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

YouthLink MN Logo

On any given night, 4,000 young people will experience homelessness. That number and the people who make it up are the driving forces behind YouthLink’s mission. For YouthLink it goes beyond just providing a place to sleep.  In serving homeless youth, YouthLink takes a different approach than other organizations, they are committed to investing in… Read more »

Changing Lives, Raising Spirits, Giving Back Freedom

Can Do Canines Logo

During the 1980’s, Alan Peters, encountered some personal losses that limited him and his ability to live his life. With limited family around him, he turned to the next logical source of connection and support, his dog, Molly. As an entrepreneur, Peters’ immediately thought about other people in his situation, who maybe had health problems… Read more »