This week I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts from my friends and colleagues who have children graduating high school this year.  Typically, the post has a photo of their proud senior donning themselves in some university gear or holding their school logo.  “Today is the day.  Johnny made the decision to go to the University of Minnesota – College of Biological Sciences.  #committed.”

And it doesn’t end there. I’ve seen college #committed parties.  Celebrations with their families.  Pedicures with their friends. Pizza night with their new roommates. These #committed parties run the gamut and these parties are fueled with conversations that ensue about the future, their goals for the next five years and the impact they want to make. You can just feel the energy bouncing off of these soon to be grads.

I have to admit I’m a tad jealous as the #committed movement wasn’t around when I was figuring out my high school after life. Most of us got a pat on the back and a suitcase.  But, what a great opportunity for these kids to celebrate and really take a moment to understand the great things in store for them.

While it’s been years since college and grad school, it begs the question… what am I #committed to?  What difference am I making at work? Within my family? My friends? My community?

I’m not sure I’ll figure it all out right away but it’s worthwhile to think about.  And, when I do, maybe, just maybe, you’ll see me post about it with a huge grin, a glass of wine in hand and a sign that says #committed.