Road construction. Road construction never changes. We’ve all heard the old adage, that Minnesota only has two seasons; winter and road construction. It’s very nearly true, a reality that every commuter has to deal with.

People are told they have problems with road rage. Why wouldn’t they? Every highway’s structure is constantly changing; roads that existed last night are gone in the morning.

Yes the light at the end of the tunnel is better roads but it’s hard to see that when every project flows directly into another. There is one solution that can help deal with the never-ending construction; knowledge.

If you know where this construction is going to be you can plan second and third routes to avoid all of the morning stress. Luckily MNDOT has released their plan and schedule for the coming year’s road construction. Memorize it, write it down, maybe even get it tattooed on your forearm just in case, it could save your commute.

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