I have always loved movies! I have my dad and brother to thank for that. From a young age I remember the magic of seeing a movie in the theater. We had a little old black and white TV at my home, so when we saw a movie it was something quite special. The size, the sound, and the color were amazing! Now the drive-in theater was something even more incredible!

There’s nothing like having fun sitting in your car with the windows open and the sound echoing across the parking lot. As dusk turns to night and the projector fires up I remember the “Let’s all go to the lobby” song. There is nothing better than being wrapped in a blanket in the back seat of a car on a crisp cool Minnesota night. Those are the times where memories are made. I don’t even remember ever making it through a whole movie most nights.

Fast forward *ahem* a few years and now I have kids of my own. You may not realize this, but drive-in theaters are still around. No, they are not as prolific in the Twin Cities metro area, because in the wake of the suburban expansion and development, the land became far too valuable to have a giant parking lot with a movie screen sitting on it. We needed another Walmart and Starbucks, dagnabit! Thankfully, there are still sites on the outskirts of the metro to enjoy this classic piece of Americana.

My daughter at the drive in.My kids count down the days until the drive-ins open back up. Already in the past month, my oldest son has kept gently reminding me that we can go now. Typically, we make an entire night of it. The drive-in my family likes to frequent allows outside food and propane grills, as well as pets. So we load up the kids and dog, grab some food and snacks (although we always buy things at the concession stand anyway) load up every blanket we own, and make the drive! It’s always great if we convince friends and family to come along with us too.

I love making these memories with my kids and when I see my daughter snuggle up with a blanket in the back seat, it warms my heart. I can actually see the memories being formed in my children’s lives.

Now, I at least make it through one movie… sometimes.