Building a house is a huge undertaking. That is a fact. Sunrise has set out this year to sponsor our own Habitat for Humanity house via our #WelcomeHome project. It’s not a new thing for companies to sponsor these houses but we are the first Twin Cities company of our size to ever set out to sponsor our own house.

Just like a normal house building project requires a large team of people with diverse skills, so does our project. We have to find donors and sponsors to partner with us to raise $75k for the house as well as find the actual volunteers who will show up and physically build the house.

In the past we’ve worked on the E-House, a house project for entrepreneurs and small businesses who don’t have the resources to sponsor their own house. Then we’d get a few dozen employees to go out and volunteer for a few days and we’d have a great time. With our new project we have to find a way to fill every day with volunteers.

That’s where you come in; anyone can come and help with our house. If you can’t donate financially, you can donate your time and labor, even if you have no affiliation with our bank. Have you always been curious about building a house? Now’s your chance to get involved and get your hands dirty to help tell a local family “Welcome Home.”

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