September is Hunger Awareness month and although there is only about a week left that does mean you can’t get involved. I hope you did get the chance to volunteer or donate to have an impact on hunger during this month. Statistics show that over the course of one year, approximately 1 in 7 households in the US face situations where they are unable to put meals on the table. This is a problem that can be solved with the help of people like you and me. Not sure how to get involved?  Here are a few easy things you can do to join the fight against hunger:

  • Teach kids about the hunger that many people face everyday
  • Donate food or money to local food shelves and aid organizations
  • If you can’t donate money, donate time to local organizations through volunteer work
  • Encourage your employer to host a food drive, or group volunteer day

 If you weren’t able to take part in Hunger Awareness month that’s ok;that’s the beauty of it, you don’t have to only support this cause during the month of September. Take that inspiration and keep it going year round. Awareness and action are the beginnings to a solution to a problem like hunger.