Our calendar year is full of random holidays and month themes but July has my favorite; National Grilling Month. Now, mixing great food with fire is the main reason I got into grilling but with the short amount of great outdoor weather here in Minnesota, I try to grill most of the food I eat. After going through all of the mainstays of grill fodder (steak, pork chops, chicken breast, or corn on the cob) I had to branch out into other foods.

That brings me to my new favorite thing to grill, fruit. I read about it in a magazine saying that you could easily make a dessert on the grill as well. Peaches and pineapple had been done frequently and very well but I tried other fruits such as apples and the best one, watermelon. If you haven’t tried grilled watermelon, you’re missing out; it makes any watermelon taste 10 times as melon-y.

I suggest that the next time you bust out the grill to make some steaks, try grilling your dessert or at least something that you usually wouldn’t make. You might find your new summer addiction like I did.