Three times a year Sunrise will be sponsoring a video contest for those who wish to be put into consideration for a large donation.  Simply record a two minute or less video and tell us why Sunrise should select you as their quarterly winner.  Don’t worry about doing a fancy production, your iPhone works just as well.  In the end, it’s all about the message you send and how our values align with each other.

From there we will have various stakeholders vote on the top three winners. Each winner will receive either $1000, $1500 or $2000. Each submitted video will also be posted on our social media platforms, your organization will be tagged and our social media audiences will learn more about you.

Video Deadlines

  • Submit video and application by March 20 for April decision
  • Submit video and application by July 1 for August decision
  • Submit video and application by October 1 for November decision

Large Donation Video Submission

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