It just struck me today that school is almost done for my kids! I have been so busy that it snuck up on me. My kids are excited for summer and I am wondering what kind of crazy schedule juggling needs to happen to make sure they are supervised and entertained during the summer months. My kids are older, therefore daycare isn’t really an option. They would be bored and mad at my wife and I if I made them go to a daycare.

But activities… activities need to happen! Plus, chores will be expected, extra summer chores. Yes. I love the sound of that. Anyway, I have discovered the magic of season passes. I know many of you out there have them and you know what I’m talking about. We currently are members to the MN Zoo, The Minnesota Science Museum and Valleyfair. If you can swing season passes, they usually turn out to be great deals. Most of the annual passes pay for themselves after two uses. 

We absolutely love having these at our disposal. On a whim we can hop in the car and head toward some type of entertainment without the need for a full day commitment. I highly recommend looking into seasons passes for your family. If you have any recommendations for other season passes, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Now, if they only had season passes to the movies. Hmm…