Payments is the future. And the future is now.
With many years of deep payments knowledge and a team that seeks first to understand your needs, Sunrise Banks provides a whole new experience in the Payments industry with cutting edge strategies resulting in your success.

We are the Payment Leaders.
Each member of our management team are thought leaders and are sought across the country for think tanks, conferences and more while this industry continually develops.

But our leadership doesn’t end there.
Throughout the implementation process, from design to market, our support teams are with you all the way. After your program is in market we are staffed to ensure your program is successful and we’ll partner with you on future enhancements.

Prepaid Options that Meet Your Needs Today and Tomorrow

Sunrise Banks has developed a full suite of prepaid options that are crafted to meet your needs.

As a program manager we understand that to stay relevant to a changing marketplace your business may change.

Find out more about the Sunrise prepaid program.

Our Expert Compliance Team Will Be Your Rock

At Sunrise, we are a compliance-centric organization with a compliance team comprised of highly skilled experts – they understand your business and they are just the team you need for your success. With a strong focus and expertise in the payments industry, we are on the cutting edge of industry leading program managers to advance the reach of our products to all segments of the community.

Still not sure? Talk to our customers.

Selecting a bank is a big decision and not one that you want to make often. There’s no better way to learn about Sunrise than to talk to our customers. Contact us and we’ll refer you to our customers as they can tell you their firsthand experience with Sunrise Banks and the partnerships we’ve built over time.


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