Every year, as a tradition, so many of us pick resolutions we want to learn or accomplish over the next year. Our resolutions are aimed at learning new languages, picking up lost skills, or finally shedding those extra pounds.

It’s a time to reflect and look back that the past year and also look to the future and to better and brighter things. Now, that’s a very nice sentiment but so many people fail to accomplish those things over the next year and most people give up on their resolutions within the first month.

This year I wanted to approach my resolutions differently. I didn’t want to choose skills and new habits that would require bug changes to my routine and life. I still wanted to better myself though so what should I do?

My resolutions this year aren’t about learning new things, I’ve decided to try and improve myself through breaking bad habits and other negative things. This way I can improve myself without having to adding entire new facets of my life that I could easily shirk in the coming months. These are simple things but will require discipline on my part, things like forgetfulness, flakiness, and really just general commitment.

The strange thing is, when I put those things together, it seems I am trying to fix the things that would make me give up on more “normal” resolutions. So, if I succeed, the door will be open for me to aim for those regular resolutions next year. That’s a pretty big “if.”