It’s April 1st….already.   And the sun has been peeking out from behind the clouds all week.  However, today it’s supposed to hit 73 degrees Fahrenheit.  With spring on our doorstep, my mailbox is starting to overflow with seed catalogs and nursery sale flyers.    

And then it starts – my garden itch.

Some would say it’s going overboard but last night I snagged some pen and paper, pulled up a chair in the kitchen and starting carefully mapping out my garden.  The tomatoes really need to go somewhere different this year.  I’d like to have less green peppers and more herbs.  And mint, how did we go through so much mint last year?  Although….I think there could be an argument for fresh mojitos.  This quickly resulted in ensuring my garden design has enough room for plenty of mojitos, er, mint for myself, my neighbors and even my friends.

If I only planned like this for everything, but, of course, if I did than I’d be perfect. And as luck would have it, I’m far from that especially when it comes to finances.  Thankfully, here at Sunrise Banks all customers have access to Financial Choice and six sessions of financial counseling per year.  Easy.  Free. Confidential.

So if you’re planning for your garden, a car or something else and you’re a customer of Sunrise, check it out.  Because everyone needs to make sure they plan for the perfect amount of mojitos.

p.s. I’m now looking for some great mojito recipes. Please share.  Please.