At Sunrise we have a focus on bettering communities throughout the Twin Cities. To build strong communities you need healthy neighborhoods that are filled with families and businesses. Sunrise believes that homeownership should be an option for all families in Minnesota. And that is why we’ve created a variety of programs to help homebuyers.

Our Products

Sunrise offers standard conventional mortgage and refinance products and programs and we participate in Fannie Mae’s HomeReady™ program.

Our Differentiators

Homeownership is attainable through a partnership with Sunrise because we have tools that can help you. We offer Open Door Credits, which provide homebuyers with closing cost assistance money if certain requirements are met. The money received from the credit does not need to be repaid.

Borrowers may qualify for credits up to $2,5001. In addition to Open Door Credits, Sunrise also has access to grant programs available through various government and non-profit organizations.

In addition to the Open Door Credits, Sunrise can help potential buyers rebuild credit through the Credit Builder Program. The Credit Builder Program is a combination loan and savings program that may help someone establish a good payment history, which is an important step in building a better credit score.

And as an added feature, Sunrise has an ITIN mortgage program. Contact Andrea Altamirano NMLS ID# 1234641 for further details.

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