A group of us here at Sunrise have gotten together to run the Monster Dash at the end of October. We’re all running different race lengths but we’ve been discussing what we do to train. It’s fun to talk with the other people running this race because there are people who have completed long race before, people who want to try it out and people who want to do this as a method for staying in shape.

I think it comes at a perfect time because summer is ending but the great weather isn’t yet gone. With our short amount of time that we can enjoy the outdoors many more people are willing to try activities that they normally wouldn’t approach because they can spend more time outside.

Now I’m not an avid runner, in fact I don’t like running for running’s sake but I have enjoyed waking up early and spending time outside, and now that the temperature and humidity have started to go down it’s even better. So get outside and enjoy the weather we have, winter will be here soon enough.