I’m sure many of you are counting down the days until school is out. I bet you could ask any kid and they would know down to the hour when summer starts. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love summer and everything that comes with it (except maybe the MN state bug). But, with summer comes figuring out how to entertain the kids for 86 days (yep, our district is starting before Labor Day).

Now, being a full-time working mom I’ve got it all organized, I think. I’ve managed to convince yet another college student that watching my two boys for the summer is way better than getting a real job. I mean, who wouldn’t love to get paid cash for three months, hang out at the beach, go for bike rides, and play tag and hide and seek all summer. Along with all that fun also comes summer camps and sports clinics. Let’s just say that there is something already on the calendar for almost every day this summer.

All this fun isn’t cheap however. Budgeting for the summer is so important and my husband and I get better at it every year. We’ve also learned that the summer nanny needs a small expense fund. Instead of handing out cash, we’ve decided to provide her with a prepaid card. It’s great because I can load money onto it and I can even track where the money is being spent.

So, even though our summer is crazy busy, expensive and pretty much already booked up I CAN NOT wait for it to start.  Cheers to porch time and patio conversations with the neighbors!