La Creche Book Drive

Sunrise Banks has partnered with La Crèche Early Childhood Center in North Minneapolis for the past three years through the innovative “Adopt-a-Childcare Program.”  One component of the program is a volunteer reading program where Sunrise employees volunteer to read to students once per week.

This year, Sunrise also held a book drive at Connections & Directions in support of La Crèche.  A total of 252 books were collected; the majority of books were focused on preschool aged children, which were especially needed.  Phyllis Sloan, Executive Director of La Crèche, sent the following note of thanks to Sunrise staff:

Tammy, our thanks to you and the employees at Sunrise Banks who participated in the book drive on behalf of La Crèche. What a welcome surprise, to receive over 250 books, that were labeled and put into circulation throughout La Crèche classrooms! This effort will certainly support our emphasis on literacy and vocabulary development, giving our young children a broader variety of texts and images to choose from as they select books to read, explore and/ or have books read to them by our Sunrise mid-morning professional reader friends and others. 

Thanks to each of you for your care, compassion and contribution to La Crèche. Your support and connection is both strengthening and a source of inspiration.