Manual Labor Can Be Fun!

Every year around this time, there are a good number of desks empty around our buildings. It’s not because people are playing hooky or that they left their jobs, but instead they are working on the Habitat for Humanity Entrepreneur house. The E-house is set up so that smaller companies can volunteer on a Habitat house without having to sponsor the entire house.

This is one of our most popular volunteer opportunities not only because people get to spend the day outside and away from their desk but also because they get to see physical proof of the work and time they’re putting in. The beauty of the E-house is that small companies get to collaborate with other small companies and make an even bigger impact than they normally would.

I myself really enjoy volunteering for Habitat for Humanity because I get to help give a family a home, but also learn a lot about home maintenance. I get the chance to learn skills that I can use forever while affecting positive change, even if I do usually get a little sunburn.

I encourage you to ask your employer about participating in Habitat for Humanity, and if they already do, join up and give a day of your time. You’ll have fun and you might just learn something in the process, and in the end you’ll have helped make a home for a family in need.

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