Mission Times Margin

There is a lot of talk and countless articles and books in the business world around maximizing profit…and don’t get me wrong, profits are important.  But, maximizing profits doesn’t make me hop out of bed in the morning. What does engage me and makes mornings a little easier, however, is that my employer is of a unique minority of businesses that also try to maximize impact.

Sunrise focuses on both profits (margins) and impacts (mission).  We teach new employees about this complementary mindset of “Margin times Mission” on their very first day. We believe that margins help multiply our mission and vice versa. This is in stark contrast to how many businesses run, which is a mindset where mission only takes away from margins.

This complementary mindset really guides the organization and is reflected in many exciting initiatives such as our Socially Responsible Deposit Fund and our B Corp certification.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for more businesses to talk about, write about, act on, and engage in the conversation around maximizing and multiplying impacts. Here is a message from our CEO David Reiling about Mission time Margin, https://youtu.be/k9uoR7p9_6s Off Site Link.


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