Protecting You from Card Fraud

We’ve talked a lot about data security lately.

Check fraud, identity theft, telemarketing scams – the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, protecting yourself from data breaches and fraudulent activity is the new normal in today’s ever-connected world.

The Federal Reserve reports that card payments – credit, debit and prepaid –accounted for $6.48 trillion in 2017, while Boston’s Federal Reserve says that 12 percent of people did not pay with cash once during the same year.

Sunrise Banks realizes the convenience and accessibility credit and debit cards provide; however, we’re also aware that consumers and banks need to be vigilant in protecting sensitive information. That’s why we offer services like CardValet and, most recently, a transaction dispute tool.

Here’s a bit on these two programs and how they keep client data safe.


Sunrise offers CardValet to all debit card users as a way to track spending, help fight fraud and manage expenses.

CardValet lets you lock your debit card if it’s lost or stolen. When a card is turned “off” via CardValet, no withdrawals or purchases can be approved. The app’s transaction controls make it possible for your card only to work in specific geographic locations, as well, helping to prevent fraud.

In addition, CardValet’s real-time alerts always let users know when their card is used or declined, giving our customers complete card-monitoring control. On top of its fraud protections, CardValet can set spending limits if you’re trying to stick with a budget.

Transaction Dispute Tool

Along with CardValet, Sunrise also offers a transaction dispute tool that lets users initiate and monitor transaction disputes.

Through your online banking account, you can initiate a transaction dispute for the following ATM occurrences:

  • Fraudulent ATM Transactions
  • Incorrect ATM Cash Received
  • ATM Cash Not Dispensed

Additionally, you can monitor all transaction disputes – whether they are initiated through online banking or at one of our locations – on your online banking account.

Disputed transactions will be marked with a red flag, and either be labeled under review, pending, approved or denied. When a dispute is approved by Sunrise Banks, the card holder will receive notice of the resolution and have their funds reimbursed if necessary.

Remaining Vigilant

The rise of digital payments makes card fraud an ever-present issue. At Sunrise Banks, we do all we can to protect our clients from fraudulent transactions by providing easy-to-use cybersecurity tools.

Our success relies on the success of our communities – and that also holds true for digital security. If our customers aren’t secure, neither are we.

Disclaimer: CardValet® is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.