The State Fair Approaches

It’s that time of year again; time for fried foods, large agricultural machines and tons of people in the same place at once. The Great Minnesota Get Together is back again. I love the fair. Like most honest Minnesotans, I grew up going to the fair and gorging myself on all of the years' new creations, and I still enjoy that every year.

I usually try to avoid fighting crowds even for things I really enjoy. I just don’t like the hassle and the noise; but for the state fair I make an exception, I am willing to fight those crowds just to get to those new and weird foods.

Speaking of foods, I checked up on this year’s list of new foods at the fair and I am very excited for all of them, but a few in particular:

  1. Kimchi ‘n’ Curry Poutine
  2. Sriracha Dog
  3. Tikka On-a-Stikka

Now those are just a few of the new foods but they are the ones that I need to try…on top of my usual favorites from years past. What are you looking forward to at the fair?

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