Vote For Sunrise Banks’ South By Southwest® PanelPicker Submission!

South by Southwest 2023

Sunrise Banks has applied to present at South By Southwest Off Site Link® in 2023 – and we need your vote!

The bank has submitted a panel presentation Off Site Link to South By Southwest’s® PanelPicker program, which allows the community to vote on presentation proposals focused on a range of different topics.

We’ve submitted a proposal in the “Climate Change” tract that will focus on how banks can promote financial equity to those affected the most by a warming planet.

Here is the panel description:

Money Talks: Can Finance Save Our Dying Planet?

The climate crisis is dire. It’s hurting low-wealth communities more than others. As we watch the vulnerable suffer from disaster after disaster, many industries sit idle. But the financial industry is in a unique position to help. Leaders can no longer wait for a perfect solution. It’s not coming. With a little creativity in affordable housing, clean energy and financial technology offerings, bankers can lead. It’s something that Vancity, a member-owned credit union, understands as a leader on climate action in a region that has been subject to catastrophic flooding and high heat with increasing frequency. This panel will highlight big thinkers in banking who say no to the status quo and provide tangible ways for others to join in this critical fight.


You can find and vote for the panel here Off Site Link. We hope to see you in Austin in 2023!