Working in along University Ave in St. Paul has been really interesting. After the Green Line was put in there is lots of exciting stuff happening. I love to eat so I get excited about the huge variety of things you can get for lunch as well as the cool new places that pop up every week.

The area of University Ave that I work in is a very cool mix of industrial buildings, residential apartments and converted warehouses. There are so many new businesses to visit for whatever you want. We’ve got three breweries within walking distance, soon to be a distillery, lots of lunch places; all of this, right along the Green Line.

Working for Sunrise, who helps to support growing local communities, makes this area even more special. We get to look right out our window and watch businesses start to thrive. Plus, we are so close to the freeway and with the Green Line right outside our window the rest of the metro is easily accessible. I’m not saying there aren’t better neighborhoods to work in, but I am saying that there are more isolated and boring neighborhoods to work in.