Today, apps are used to track nearly everything, from how much we walk in a day to our electricity usage. But monitoring our spending in real-time hasn’t been so easy. What if you could see your finances and spending in real time? What if every time you spent money, you could see how and where it was spent, directly on your phone? What if you had a real-time tool that helped give you better control of your daily finances and spending habits?

That’s the inspiration behind Red Giant, a new mobile app that can be easily downloaded and connected to your bank account via an easy-to-load Prepaid Mastercard®.

“It’s critical to empower consumers today,” says Robert Sears, Red Giant’s founder and CEO. “It’s easy to lose control financially if you are not paying attention to daily spending. This helps you have a really clear picture of where you stand versus where you want to be.”

Learn more about Red Giant in our 2015 Fall Newsletter: