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Mobile Banking

Sunrise Banks provides mobile banking for our customers across the nation. Online banking with mobile check deposit features offers a convenient platform that allows you to make easy mobile deposits and quickly access your accounts. Our mobile banking platform is here for you 24/7 through Sunrise Banks’ app, available in the Google Play or Apple App Store.


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Mobile Banking Features:

  • View Statements and Balances

  • Transfer Money Internally

  • Send Money to an External Account2

  • Set Up & Pay Bills3

  • Update Personal Information

  • Create Account Alerts

  • Mobile Deposit

  • Mobile Loan Payments App Screenshot

    Make a Loan Payment from an External Account

Mobile Deposit

Turn your mobile device into a check deposit device. Once you have downloaded our mobile app, you can use your device’s camera to send the check images electronically to Sunrise Banks.

  1. Log in to the mobile app
  2. Select “self-service” and “mobile deposit” in the left menu (first time only)
  3. Log out of the mobile app and then log back in (first time only)
  4. Select “make a deposit” in the left menu
  5. Choose the account & enter the check amount
  6. Take a photo of the front & back of the check
  7. Review and submit

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  1. You need to have an online banking account in order to access the mobile app.

  2. Only available to personal accounts.

  3. Self-enrollment for Bill Pay is only available to personal accounts. Bill Pay will become inactive after three months of inactivity.