Unclaimed Property

Are you visiting this page because you received a letter in the mail indicating that you have unclaimed or abandoned property at Sunrise Banks?

Unclaimed property, as also known as abandoned property, refers to accounts that have had no activity, deposits, or withdrawals for more than one year.

Typical types of unclaimed property at Sunrise Banks include:

  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Savings Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Unredeemed Money Orders
  • Wages, Payroll, Salary Cards
  • Refund, Rebate Cards
  • Membership Fee Cards

What happens to unclaimed property or abandoned accounts?

Each state has enacted laws to protect abandoned property.  The laws vary by state, but in all instances they instruct Sunrise Banks when to notify owners of abandoned property and when to turn it over to the state.  Most states hold abandoned funds until the owner is found.  States typically return property at no cost.  In some instances, a state may charge you a nominal fee for filing a claim.

How to claim property?

If you respond to our letter in a timely manner, funds can be claimed directly from Sunrise Banks.  To request funds, fill out the form on the bottom of the letter you received from Sunrise. Each unclaimed property type has a unique mailing address for claiming property. Please look for this address located on the upper right hand corner of your letter.

State laws require Sunrise to send unclaimed property, after a certain amount of time, to the state if the customer fails to respond.  If a customer fails to respond to our notice on time the funds are turned over to the state and the property owner must contact the state directly to claim the property.  Every state has an office responsible for unclaimed property and most provide a website to claim unclaimed or abandoned property.

Locating Abandoned Property

Every state has a website which allows the public to search for abandoned property.  Additionally, sites like www.unclaimed.org or www.missingmoney.com (neither of which is affiliated with or endorsed by Sunrise Banks) provide useful resources for finding abandoned property.