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Welcome to the Social Currency Podcast

Social Currency Podcast LogoSocial Currency is a podcast that introduces you to some of the most innovative changemakers in fintech and ESG (environmental, social and governance), and how they are dismantling barriers and reshaping their industries for a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future.

Here we speak to those at the forefront of positive change through social entrepreneurship to unveil the stories behind the revolution that is propelling us toward a world where everyone has equitable access to opportunities.

Meet Your Hosts

Tyler Seydel headshotTyler Seydel | Chief Fintech Officer

Tyler Seydel, MBA, CRCM, heads up the fintech division at Sunrise Banks. Tyler is charged with creating partnerships and opportunities for entrepreneurs who have conceived a way to uplift communities by creating access to financial services for the underserved and underbanked. He is also responsible for the bank’s national products and core operations, and previously worked for Meta Payment Systems.

Tyler enjoys cigars in his fleeting free time – saying he aspires to smoke them like Winston Churchill did – and is a keen admirer of anyone who’s willing to take a risk on an idea.


Eric Schurr headshotEric Schurr | Chief Strategy Officer, National Products

Eric Schurr is responsible for driving innovation and growth in the banks’ national lending and digital payments services. Eric’s background includes underwriting, portfolio management and product development at two of the country’s largest financial institutions, Capital One and U.S. Bank.

Eric is a certified practitioner in the art of strategic foresight –a detailed and systematic analysis of driving forces and trends of change before the development of strategies or plans – and applying it to the future of consumption.

Fintech Partnerships: Empowering Financial Inclusion for AllIcon of a chat box. Inside are two people icons with a lightbulb icon between them

Sunrise Banks partners with financial technology companies – or “fintechs” – to democratize access to financial services by combining the trust, equity and money movement from the bank with the reach of technology. The stability of our fintech partnerships allows Sunrise Banks the security needed to provide nontraditional and strategic lending services to underbanked communities.

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Tyler Seydel headshot

The Fintech Interview: Tyler Seydel, Sunrise Banks

Tyler Seydel, Chief Financial Technology Officer at Sunrise Banks, discusses his passion for socially responsible, purpose-driven lending with FinTech Magazine

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