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David Reiling

David Reiling, Chief Executive Officer

David Reiling is a social entrepreneur and an innovator in community development finance and financial inclusion. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Banks and has been in the community development banking industry for more than 25 years.

Under David’s leadership, Sunrise has grown its assets and social and environmental impact tenfold since 1995. He is immediate past-Chair of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Community Bank Advisory Board. David has been recognized by Trust Across America as a Most Trusted CEO and has also received Trust Across America’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

David is dedicated to relentlessly cultivating innovative ideas and forging strategic partnerships on the cutting edge of fintech, financial wellness, and responsible innovation.

Eric Schurr

Eric Schurr, Chief Strategy Officer, National Products

Eric’s background includes underwriting, portfolio management and product development at two of the country’s largest financial institutions, Capital One and US Bank.

Eric is dedicated to the strategic foresight process, curating a blog series detailing the benefits of, and approaches to, strategic foresight while also providing consulting services as the founder of Sextant Advisors and participating in various speaking engagements.

Currently serving as Chief Strategy Officer for Sunrise Banks, Eric is responsible for driving innovation and growth in the banks’ national lending and digital payments services. Building relationships and partnerships that allow the bank to drive innovation in the digital payments and lending space is a key focus in this endeavor.

Brian Tordsen

Brian Tordsen, EVP Director, National Products Group

Brian is a veteran of the digital payments industry. Starting his financial career working for private label credit cards, he eventually focused on the data side of the payments industry. After running his own business in the prepaid payments sector, Brian joined Sunrise leading our digital payments team.

Brian and his team work to maintain relationships with fintech partners while evaluating and onboarding new partners. When a new partnership begins, Brian makes sure that Sunrise is providing the necessary tools to meet our partners’ needs and creating new offerings to fill any gaps.

Mark Gabriel

Mark Gabriel, Chief Fintech Strategy Officer

After getting hooked on technology while running a database center in college, Mark worked in banking as a network administrator. There he had a front row seat to the beginning of the digitalization of the financial sector.

From there, Mark brought his data expertise to Sunrise Banks. After starting in the risk department, Mark is now the Chief Fintech Strategy Officer. He works to find new fintech partnerships and explore new markets while encouraging better user experience.

In his opinion, the best part of his role is meeting new partners and helping to design agile and flexible user experience solutions for fintechs.

Tana Rugel – Director of Risk Relations

Tana is Sunrise Banks’ director of risk relations and has been with the bank since 1997. She has vast experience in the financial industry and has worked as a BSA officer and in teller management. Tana helped Sunrise launch its Money Service Businesses (MSB) initiatives, working on oversight, research and regulatory support. She now leads the bank’s MSB business line.

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