Ethical Banking

Net Zero Deposits: Your Path to Net Zero Starts Here

Net Zero Deposits turn a basic bank account into a meaningful way to mitigate the impacts of climate change and drive the transition to a net zero economy.

As a Sunrise Banks customer, you choose to direct your deposits to net zero projects that reduce or avoid carbon emissions including:

  • Energy Reduction and Efficiency Upgrades
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Buildings
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

What is Net Zero Banking?

Net zero banking is a practice where banks align lending and investment activities with the goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions. This effort is meant to reduce emissions and contribute to the mitigation of climate change through strategic financing and advocacy efforts by the bank and its partners.

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Why Getting to Net Zero Matters

According to Project Drawdown Off Site Link, big banks in the U.S. lend as much as 30% of their portfolio to carbon-intensive sectors driving climate change.  Most people don’t know what their bank account is funding or that it may be a significant source of carbon emissions. With Net Zero Deposits, you’ll know what is behind your bank account and how it is actively helping to reduce or avoid carbon emissions.

Reaching net zero emissions by 2050 globally has been identified as the way to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius and mitigate climate change’s worst impacts, according to The Paris AgreementOff Site Link.

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Net Zero Deposits are designed to meet the needs of Business Banking and Personal Banking accounts. Currently, depositors may elect to allocate up to $250,000 of their available balance to the fund.