Fintech Partnerships

Empowering Financial Inclusion for All

We Partner with Fintechs to Expand Our Mission of Empowering Financial Wellness

Sunrise strives to provide innovative solutions that empower financial wellness and advance financial equity. We provide effective fintech banking solutions by partnering with organizations that reflect our mission of financial wellness and inclusivity.

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Worried About Compliance? We’re Not

Compliance and regulation in the financial sector are complex issues. That’s why Sunrise has experts who understand the ins and outs of the regulatory landscape and recognize the need for responsible innovation.

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From Start to Finish, Idea to Reality, We Strive to Make Your Business Concepts Come to Life

Every business model is different. We help create the best possible outcome for your business with customized approaches based on your needs.

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Sunrise Offers the Expertise and Flexibility Needed to Create Successful Partnerships

Sunrise helps provide payment solutions that allow you to seamlessly move or lend money.

We work with fintechs throughout the product development phase, helping them decide which payment or loan product option is best for their specific needs. Have a solution but not sure how to bring it to fruition? We’ll assist in determining which product helps you achieve your goals and deliver the user experience you envision.

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