Digital Banking

Text & Phone Banking

Phone banking allows you to access your Sunrise Banks’ accounts via text message1 or phone call, no internet connection needed. To access your Sunrise Banks’ account via phone, call (972) 428-0516 Off Site Link.

Text Banking

It’s easy to retrieve account information or to transfer funds between your Sunrise accounts with mobile phone banking, you don’t even have to make a phone call. Text any of the following commands to BANKME (226563).2


Account Balance(s)
HIST <account nickname>
Account History
XFER <Account Nickname> <Account Nickname> <Amount>
Transfer Funds From One Account to Another

– Enter full transfer amount using dollar, decimal and cents. For example, “XFER ACCT1 ACCT2 110.00.”
Sunrise Banks’ Website
Disable Text Banking for the Enrolled Mobile Device

– To reactivate text banking, log into online banking and select “self-service” in the left menu.
List All Available Commands

Want to Learn More About Text and Phone Banking? Contact us

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  1. You need to have an online banking account to access the text banking features.

  2. This is a free service; however, standard text message rates, fee and charges may apply.