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At Sunrise Banks, we believe your financial choices give you power. We proudly channel that power to ignite progress. For you, and our communities.

The Impact Deposit Fund turns a Sunrise Banks account into a meaningful way to drive local community development. Your deposits will be allocated by the bank to projects like affordable housing, community services, and small businesses.

The fund allows you to foster a positive impact by turning each transaction into a ripple of positive change – helping you confidently manage your money and build a brighter future for all.

How it Works

Community Impact

In 2023, Sunrise Banks originated $627,292,046 in loans in four mission-focused lending areas:

  • financial inclusion,
  • affordable housing,
  • small business recovery,
  • and transformational real estate development.
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The Impact Deposit Fund helps to support community stories like these:

Can a modular housing factory transform Minneapolis? Former NBA Star Devean George Says Yes

Former NBA player and developer Devean George believes modular housing has the power to transform North Minneapolis.

His latest project – turning a former warehouse on Washington Avenue North into a modular housing manufacturing plant – is set to break ground later this spring. When it’s complete, George estimated it could turn out hundreds of new affordable housing units and bring more than 300 well-paying jobs to the region.

Learn About the Project's Expected Impact

Finding a Home

Mr. Gutierrez realized the dream of homeownership even without a Social Security number using the Sunrise Banks Pathway2Home ITIN mortgage loan.

“I know this is the beginning of bigger things – that I can acquire bigger things,” Mr. Gutierrez said. “It’s life changing. It’s a teaching moment for my children. It allows me to show my children that we can achieve things.”

Learn About Mr. Gutierrez’s Pathway2Home

Transforming a Food Desert

Seward Co-Op’s Friendship store, which offers locally sourced and healthy foods, provided more food security in the Bryant neighborhood of Minneapolis.

“My hope and desire and dream is that this is a way forward to operate in a market economy that isn’t driven by capitalism, but by community wealth and community ownership,” said Sean Doyle, Seward Co-op’s general manager.

Learn About Seward Co-op

Helping People in the Twin Cities Find Housing

Reliable and affordable housing is a key part of the American Dream and a catalyst for generational wealth. PRG, Inc. is helping to ensure everyone has access to it.

When asked how PRG has changed people’s lives over the years, Kathy Wetzel-Mastel, executive director of PRG, says, “That would probably be better answered by the young family who have affordable, stable housing for themselves and their young children in one of PRG’s cooperatives. Or by the Black grandmother who was able to remain in the home she had owned for years after running into financial hardship. Or by the aging LGBTQ folks who feared returning to the closet and now live at Spirit on Lake. Or by the hundreds of families of color who now own their own home, many of whom are first-generation homeowners.”

Learn about PRG

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