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Are you considering becoming a first-time homebuyer but unsure if it’s a feasible option for you?

At Sunrise Banks, we are not only passionate about financial wellness; we believe you deserve a chance at homeownership.

The process of buying your first home can be overwhelming. Our mortgage lenders are here to assist you in this journey and help make your dream of owning your home a more affordable reality.

We’ve compiled the following down payment assistance information and resources to help you navigate your way to responsible homeownership.

What is a down payment?

A requirement of most home mortgages, a down payment is a portion of the home’s purchase price that the buyer pays upfront. It is typically paid in cash, certified check, or equivalent at closing. The mortgage covers the remainder of the purchase price and repays monthly.

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What are the minimum down payment requirements for the mortgage programs offered through Sunrise Banks?

Down payment requirements vary by program, lender, income, credit history and other variables. Sunrise Banks is pleased to offer various lending options to meet your needs when buying a home.

Each of our mortgage programs has a specified minimum down payment requirement, outlined below:

  • Sunrise Banks Pathway2Home ITIN Mortgage:


  • HomeReady™ Mortgage:


  • VA Mortgage:

    No down payment required

  • Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) Mortgage:


  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan:

    As little as 3.5%

  • Fixed-Rate Mortgage:

    As little as 3%

  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage:


  • Investment Property Mortgage:


Reviewing all terms and agreements of any down payment assistance option before signing is critical. The trusted loan officers at Sunrise Banks – several of whom offer bilingual services – can provide the guidance you need to make safe and sensible decisions regarding down payment assistance.

How do I determine eligibility for down payment assistance?

Down payment assistance eligibility depends on the type of program you choose. It is usually assessed on several factors, including income, credit score, purchase price, home location, and whether or not you are a first-time homebuyer.

Other requirements might include the use of an approved lender or the completion of financial education instruction.

The best place to start determining your eligibility is by researching the different options to see which programs are best for you and meeting with one of our experienced loan officers at Sunrise Banks.

How do I contact a Sunrise Banks mortgage loan officer for help?

The path to owning a home can be complex, but our Sunrise Banks Mortgage Lenders provide personalized services for your unique position.

From determining eligibility to completing applications, our loan officers will guide you every step of the way – keeping your financial wellness front and center through the process.

Are you ready to determine if you qualify for down payment assistance and begin the home-buying experience?

Reach out to any of the seasoned lenders on our team via the form below or in person at one of our convenient branches for customized assistance, resources, and insight to help you safely and affordably fulfill your dream of homeownership:

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