Sunrise Banks CEO David Reiling Receives 2018 Trust Lifetime Achievement Award

January 29, 2018

Sunrise Banks CEO, David Reiling, has been named by Trust Across America as a 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree. This honor comes after Reiling has been named a Top Thought Leader by Trust Across America for the fifth consecutive year. Reiling is joined by seven other Lifetime Achievement Honorees this year and is the first CEO in the financial industry to receive this award.

Trust Across America’s Top Thought Leaders in Trust awards set out to look at hundreds of business leaders, researchers, academics, consultants and media representatives across a variety of professional disciplines who, when their efforts are combined, help create trustworthy organizations. Honorees demonstrate an understanding that building trust into an organization’s DNA will lead to long-term profitability.

“I am humbled to be recognized by Trust for a lifetime of achievement and it is an honor to be recognized among such great leaders,” says Reiling, “Trust is a two-way street. Leaders must earn the trust of the people that support them. In turn, people must trust their leader and share their vision and drive for success. Shared trust is what makes positive change possible.”

Lifetime Achievement Honorees stand out as individuals who have been named a Top Thought Leader 5 times and continue to instill the values, principles and beliefs essential to building a foundation of trust. According to Trust Across America, “Organizational trust is a key driver of long- term success, but often leaders mistakenly assume that to earn trust, a company need only be profitable. We seek out key actions that characterize a commitment to building stakeholder trust.”

About Sunrise Banks: Sunrise Banks, N.A., based in St. Paul, Minnesota, strives to be the most innovative bank empowering financial wellness. Sunrise is certified by the U.S. Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), a designation earned by approximately 100 banks nationwide. Sunrise Banks is also a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a public benefit corporation and a certified B Corp for its demonstrated commitment to transparent corporate governance and positive community impact. Learn more at SunriseBanks.com, on Twitter @SunriseBanks, or on Facebook. Member FDIC.

Trust Across America's mission is to help enhance trustworthy behavior in organizations. They like to think of themselves as social innovators. They are neither a non-profit nor a profit-seeking entity – rather, they seek to be self-supporting through modest and voluntary fees for some of their services. They are not trying to build a business around trust – they are trying to help organizations become more trustworthy. Most of what they do is “open source” and their work cuts across organizational and disciplinary boundaries. They seek to unite previously separate individuals and organizations under the common cause of furthering organizational trust. They maintain a five-member informal steering committee.



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