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Technology has created unprecedented opportunities in the banking industry over the last decade. And at the same time, consumers have renewed their expectations around how financial institutions – and, for that matter, corporations in general – should respond to pressing social issues.

The next generation of bankers needs to be technologically savvy and look for opportunities to create environmental, social and financial sustainability. Listen as host David Reiling talks with the changemakers responsible for creating a financial sector that’s more diverse, values-driven and better-equipped to support all consumers.

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What does it mean to succeed in the business world?

The traditional definition of success usually entails a corporate structure based on earnings and earnings alone, without much thought put into what’s been given back. This model tends to think of a company’s mission and profit margin as being mutually exclusive.

At Sunrise, we believe the opposite: By being mission-focused and helping others, companies can do even better financially — mission times margin.

This belief is what prompted Sunrise CEO David Reiling to write his new book, Fintech4Good. The book chronicles five financial technology entrepreneurs who saw issues of economic inequality first-hand and created products to fix them.

Touching on the student loan crisis, credit-building roadblocks for refugees and the lack of small-loan options for the average American, Fintech4Good explores financial technology (fintech) and its myriad possibilities to affect positive change.

Fintech4Good is available on Amazon.

David Reiling Speaking at Money 2020

About David

David Reiling is an innovative social entrepreneur focused on empowering individuals through community banking and financial technology. David is the Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Banks and has been in the community development banking industry for more than 25 years.

David believes that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive. Under David’s leadership, Sunrise has financially outperformed banks of the same size while also providing products and services that help low-income individuals in the Twin Cities Metro achieve financial wellness.

David has spoken at conferences around the world and is the author of Fintech4Good.