Helping Our Communities Thrive

As the most innovative bank empowering the underserved to achieve, Sunrise Banks consistently invests in meaningful projects within our urban neighborhoods.

Sunrise Banks offers the Impact Deposit Fund (IDF) allowing you to support local community development.

We have always believed that our success is directly linked to the success of the communities we serve. When you invest your deposits in the IDF, it offers you (and us) the opportunity to multiply impact in our community.

How It Works

Open any depository account (checking, savings or certificate of deposit) and designate your account balances to the IDF1. The dollars are still yours, and FDIC insured up to $250,0002. You will have the same access to your account per the terms and conditions of the account type. Remember, the dollars are still yours - we simply leverage them to make loans that benefit our community3.

Competitive Interest Rates

IDF depositors receive the same, competitive interest rates offered to non-IDF depositors. Through the IDF, you can support community development projects without compromising your financial goals.

Community Impact

Your account balances and those of others in the IDF will be leveraged to lend money to support the following types of projects:

  • Affordable housing
  • Small businesses
  • Community services
  • Economic development

Impact Updates

As a participant of the IDF, you will receive updates about the types of projects financed, total IDF dollars, and other information pertaining to our impact in our community.

1 The IDF is subject to modification or termination at the discretion of Sunrise Banks, at any time and without notice.
2 IDF designated deposits are aggregated with non-IDF deposits per bank for purposes of determining the $250,000 threshold for FDIC insurance coverage.
3 Subject to Sunrise Banks’ credit/investment standards