Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

On any given night, 4,000 young people will experience homelessness. That number and the people who make it up are the driving forces behind YouthLink’s mission. For YouthLink it goes beyond just providing a place to sleep.  In serving homeless youth, YouthLink takes a different approach than other organizations. They are committed to investing in the education and employment of homeless youth, giving them the skills to not only to make homelessness a closed chapter in their lives, but also to thrive and build a bright future.

A large part of YouthLink’s success is that in addition to the necessary services and learning they provide their clients, YouthLink also finds community partners and organizations who can help. The organizations give additional skills and assistance that YouthLink passes on to its clients. All of the services provided help homeless youth break through the cycle for homelessness. YouthLink not only provides shelter, they give hope.

If you’d like to get involved with YouthLink there are many ways, for example they host a yearly executive sleep out, inviting their local partners to experience what a night of homelessness in the Twin Cities is like. Leaders from Sunrise Banks have participated in the sleep out for the past two years and have had a chance to learn about what a homeless youth faces every day in the Twin Cities.


To learn more about YouthLink go to: youthlinkmn.org. Off Site Link

Photo credit: youthlinkmn.org Off Site Link