How to Teach Financial Literacy in the Home

An illustration of a person biking through large money bills

August 14 is National Financial Awareness Day! Teaching your family to be financially literate is as simple as involving them in everyday financial decisions. Our Banzai library has resources that make it easy to start integrating financial literacy discussions in the home while educating your loved ones on basic money management.

All these resources are also now available in Spanish, French, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Just click the world icon in the top menu to choose a language!

Get started:

What is Financial Literacy?

This Banzai article gives you tips on how to broaden your perspective when it comes to building a financially stable future. It also provides a budgeting calculator to show how much of your money should be put towards necessities, wants, and savings.

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Financial Wellness Assessment

The Financial Wellness Assessment addresses your individual financial decisions—spending, budgeting, and saving habits—before recommending where to improve and how to get started.

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Teach Financial Literacy at Home

Looking for ways to teach your kids how to be mindful of finances? This Banzai article will show you lots of entertaining ways to teach finances in your home.

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