A Look at ModernWell with Mikki Morrissette

inside ModernWell's clean and simple interior with large red painting

ModernWell is a women-centric, collaborative workspace founded by Julie Burton in 2017. Featuring open seating and private workspaces, wi-fi, coffee, tea, healthy food, private conference and consultation rooms, yoga and ongoing enrichment classes, ModernWell is a space where women will be celebrated and supported both professionally and personally. Fostering a kind and inclusive community, ModernWell is unaffiliated with any religion or political party, welcoming all who believe in the power of women supporting women. ModernWell is the first co-working space for women in Minneapolis, where women are empowered to connect with themselves and each other through work, wellness, and creativity.

Sunrise Banks has partnered with ModernWell to give a free membership each month to local women leaders, entrepreneurs and rockstars. This partnership is about promoting a sense of community, collaboration and creativity while giving women the tools they need to amplify their success. We’re taking a look at these women and what drives them every day.

We recently spoke with Mikki Morrissette, Owner, Editor and Publisher of Minnesota Women’s Press, about her experience at ModernWell.

What did you enjoy most about your experience at ModernWell?

I really enjoyed the great open and bright space for meetings. It was much nicer than our older office space in St. Paul and is a great place to meet with new writers and marketers. It also allowed me to have some nice quiet writing time. It was much more conducive to being productive away from the distractions of my office.

What advice do you have for other women working at ModernWell?

At Minnesota Women's Press, we have a tradition of gathering at noon each day, away from our offices to eat lunch in the kitchenette together. I believe it would be great for women at ModernWell to start their own mini-tradition of taking scheduled breaks together around drinks/snacks, it would be a good way to connect when not focused on work time and share ideas and experiences while building relationships.


Learn more about ModernWell here: modernwell.co