Preserving the Great Outdoors

Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes and we also have some of the most beautiful landscapes of the country. Even throughout the cold winter months, Minnesotans love to enjoy the great outdoors. However, these beautiful prairies, lakes, forests and other ecosystems need to be protected, restored and preserved, so they can continue to be enjoyed year-after-year.

Landbridge Ecological has taken the true Minnesotan passion of the great outdoors and works to protect and restore these native landscapes. They work on small residential projects and also large-scale natural areas to ensure that we can continue to enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer, throughout each season.

And, similar to how leaves change color, the Landbridge Ecological crew gets to see the change their hard work makes as they plant seeds and trees, remove invasive species and manage the landscapes to help them thrive and continue to grow. Learn more about how they are leaving their footprint one project at a time:

Photo credit: Landbridge.eco