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In 2016, Sunrise will be helping one local family achieve its dream of owning a new home by building our own Habitat home for a local Twin Cities family. We are excited to say that we are the first Twin Cities company, of our size, and the first community bank to take on this enormous task.

As you know, success is built on partnerships and guess what, we are looking for partners to help us. What do we need? We are looking for financial donations and volunteer participants to help us over 10 weeks during the summer of 2016. We want your business, your family and friends, or your church group to get involved.

Sunrise Banks Welcome Home commitment is $90,000 and our partner challenge is $75,000 totaling $165,000 for the project.

We cannot wait to tell this family, “Welcome Home.

Do you want to join us? We know you do.

There are three ways to donate*:

  1. Donate online using the "Donate" button on the right
  2. Donate in person at any of our six Sunrise Banks locations. Make checks out to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.
  3. Mail your donation to:
    Sunrise Banks
    c/o Welcome Home
    200 University Avenue West
    Saint Paul, MN 55103

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*Donations may be tax deductible. Consult with your tax advisor for deduction details. Checks should be made payable to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Online donations are processed directly with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and have a 2% processing fee.