Sunrise Banks Honored as ‘Best for Communities’ For Creating the Most Positive Community Impact

July 22, 2014

Today, Sunrise Banks was recognized for creating the most positive community impact by the nonprofit B Lab with the release of the third annual ‘B Corp Best for Communities’ list. The ‘B Corp Best for Communities’ list honors 86 businesses that earned a community impact score in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations of their size on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company's impact on its workers, community, and the environment. Honorees were recognized among micro, small, and mid-sized businesses.

Sunrise Banks is a family-owned, nationally-chartered bank based in St. Paul, Minnesota. With assets of more than $750 million, seven bank branches, and approximately 185 employees focused on financial inclusion, innovation, positive social impact, and sustainability, their mission is to be ‘The Most Innovative Bank Empowering the Underserved to Achieve’. In addition to being honored as a B Corporation, Sunrise Banks has been certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Treasury Department for over ten years. Sunrise Banks is also a member of the Global Alliance on Banking for Values, a network of 25 of the world’s leading sustainable banks from Asia, Africa, Latin American, Europe, and North American that use finance to deliver sustainable development for underserved people, communities, and the environment.

Sunrise Banks has the philosophy that if the community succeeds, we succeed; if the community fails, we fail. As such, Sunrise staff has extensive community involvement with nonprofit organizations, small business groups, and local economic development agencies.

Sunrise Banks works to be an active and responsible corporate citizen by focusing on a triple bottom line – people, planet, and prosperity. In 2012, Sunrise kicked off an innovative volunteer effort through a partnership with First Children’s Finance's Adopt a Child Care program. Through this partnership, Sunrise’s adopted child care center in North Minneapolis over the next five years will receive hundreds of volunteer hours dedicated to reading initiatives, property maintenance, and fundraising assistance. Sunrise employees have been excited about this program since its launch.

Sunrise Banks’ products also keep the community in mind. Sunrise Banks’ Socially Responsible Deposit Fund (SRDF) allows Sunrise deposit customers to designate their funds to be used specifically to revitalize distressed local communities. SRDF deposits support loans for affordable housing, nonprofits, community services, and small business in distressed areas of the Twin Cities. This product supports Sunrise’s mission by allowing them to import capital into the communities that need it the most. To date, Sunrise has approximately$115 million deposited into the FDIC-insured SRDF.

With a strong history of financing local nonprofit organizations, Sunrise lenders are skilled at creating the right package for each nonprofit’s unique situation. As an example, in 2013, Sunrise completed a New Markets Tax Credit loan with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. With the use of the New Markets Tax Credit Program, Sunrise was able to offer Habitat for Humanity better terms and conditions on its loan than would be typical in the today’s marketplace. This $9.5 million loan will allow Habitat for Humanity to continue its mission of eliminating poverty housing and creating decent, affordable shelter for all people.

Other honorees include d.light design, supplier of affordable, renewable energy to 30 million people in 60 countries, Greyston Bakery, which provides job opportunities regardless of work history through their open hiring policy, and Minnesota’s Sunrise Banks, which invests in projects to develop strong communities that provide homes and jobs to their residents.

The ‘Best for Communities’ companies come from over 35 different industries such as consulting, educational support services, retail and financial services. A quarter of honorees are based outside North America, with 25% of companies operating in emerging markets including Chile, the Republic of Korea and Kenya.

Each honored company is a Certified B Corporation. They use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and have met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today there are over 1045 certified B Corporations, across 60 industries and 34 countries, unified by one common goal: to redefine success in business.

B Lab released the “Best for the World” list (overall impact) in March and the “Best for the Environment” list (environmental impact) in April. The ‘Best for Workers’ (employee impact) list will be announced in the fall.

B Lab is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement to redefine success in business so that all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world.

B Lab drives this systemic change through a number of interrelated initiative: 1) building a community of Certified B Corporations to make it easier for all of us to tell the difference between “good companies” and good marketing; 2) passing legislation to accelerate growth of social entrepreneurship and impact investing (20 states have already passed benefit corporation legislation); 3) developing B Analytics, a customizable platform for investors to benchmark and report the impact of their global private equity portfolios; and 4) providing free, powerful tools for businesses to measure, compare and improve their social and environmental performance (more than 16,000 businesses use B Lab’s free B Impact Assessment).

For more information, visit www.bcorporation.net Off Site Link or www.sunrisebanks.com.

Executives from all B Corps available for comment. For more information contact Katie Kerr at katie@bcorporation.net Off Site Link, (610) 293-029 Off Site Link

2014 ‘Best For the Community’ Honorees

9 Midsize Businesses Honorees (50+ Employees)

  • d.light design (CA, China, Kenya) – d.light manufactures and distributes solar lighting and power products providing access to reliable, affordable, renewable energy for nearly 30 million people in 60 countries.
  • Echale a tu casa (Mexico City, Mexico) – Echale is a social housing production company that delivers affordable homes to communities through the implementation of innovations in construction technology and finance, streamlining the self-build process and strengthening social inclusion.
  • Give Something Back, Inc (CA) – Give Something Back Office Supplies (GSB) is California's largest independent office supply company, with giving back to communities integral to its core mission and purpose.
  • Greenlight Planet (Mumbai, India) – Greenlight Planet is a social enterprise driven by a profound personal mission to design and deliver the most innovative, reliable and affordable energy solutions for the under-served developing world households.
  • Greyston Bakery, Inc. (NY) – Greyston Bakery is most famous for its long-standing status as Ben & Jerry's brownie supplier and for having an open-hiring policy that provides the people of Yonkers, NY with employment opportunity regardless of work history.
  • One PacificCoast Bank (CA) – One PacificCoast Bank is an innovative, triple-bottom line, community development financial institution.
  • Shree Kamdhenu Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, India) – Shree Kamdhenu Electronics Pvt. Ltd. develops technology-based products, such as milk analyzers, microprocessors and accounting software, for cooperatives and unions.
  • Roshan (Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd.) (Kabul, Afghanistan ) – Roshan is Afghanistan's leading telecommunications provider.
  • Sunrise Banks (MN) – Sunrise Community Banks is in the business of developing strong communities that provide homes and jobs to their residents.

26 Small Businesses Honorees (10-49 Employees)

  • Bay Area Medical Academy (CA) – Bay Area Medical Academy offers job-oriented training in high-growth, high-demand, specialized areas of the healthcare field and prepares individuals for successful long term careers.
  • Catchafire (NY) – Catchafire matches professionals who want to volunteer their skills with nonprofits and social enterprises that need their help.
  • Cloud for Good (TN) – Cloud for Good is the leading Salesforce consulting partner for nonprofit and educational organizations.
  • Community Wealth Partners (DC) – Community Wealth Partners offers strategy and implementation services to nonprofit organizations and philanthropic foundations, partnering with them to design and implement innovative approaches to growth and sustainability.
  • Delight Co, Ltd (Seoul, South Korea) – Delight manufactures and distributes hearing aids at affordable prices.
  • FINAE SAPI DE CV SOFOM ENR (Mexico City, Mexico) – FINAE is a social impact financial institution created to give more students access to private university education.
  • Gentexpresa (Temuco, Chile) – Gentexpresat works to improve levels of human development by promoting social inclusion and building entrepreneurial societies in which citizen leadership and collaborative work are encouraged, supported, and promoted.
  • Hybrytec Solar (Antioquia, Colombia) – Hybrytec Solar designs and installs solar energy systems for health centers, fishing villages, schools, hotels, and private customers.
  • Imprint Capital (CA) – Imprint Capital is an impact investment firm that creates and manages high performing impact investment portfolios for foundations, families, and financial institutions.
  • Ingage Partners, LLC (OH) – Ingage Partners delivers Information Technology and Management Consulting services to help their clients successfully navigate business and technology change.
  • Juhudi Kilimo (Nairobi, Kenya) – Juhudi Kilimo finances targeted agricultural assets for smallholder farmers and rural enterprises across Kenya. Operating exclusively in very rural areas, they give smallholder farmers access to the tools they need to scale up and succeed.
  • MaineWorks, LLC (ME) – MaineWorks is a temporary staffing company providing meaningful work opportunities within the field of industrial construction to people with barriers to employment.
  • Mal Warwick Associates (CA) – Mal Warwick Associates help nonprofits and political organizations build long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with individual donors through integrated fundraising and marketing programs.
  • Metropolitan Group (OR) – Metropolitan Group is a national strategic and creative services firm increasing impact for socially responsible businesses. Moving Forward
  • Education (CA) – Moving Forward Education provides tutoring and mentoring services for underserved students in the
  • Bay Area New Resource Bank (CA) – New Resource Bank supports businesses, nonprofits, and people that are pursuing innovative solutions to environmental, economic, and social challenges.
  • Next Street (MA) – Next Street provides financing and strategic advisory services to urban small business owners.
  • Pots n Pans (Hanoi, Vietnam) – Pots ‘n Pans (PnP) is a fine-dining, social enterprise restaurant based in Hanoi, Vietnam that provides management, leadership and hospitality training to disadvantaged young people.
  • Quetsol (Guatemala City, Guatemala) – Quetsol provides affordable solar power to off-grid communities.
  • South Mountain Company, Inc (MA) – South Mountain Company is an employee-owned design, build, and renewable energy company on Martha's Vineyard. The company plans and develops residential and commercial buildings, as well as designing and installing solar & wind energy systems and energy efficiency improvements.
  • SQA Pharmacy Services LLC (PA) – SQA Pharmacy is a “closed door” institutional pharmacy that provides pharmacy services to community based managed health care facilities.
  • TAS (ON, Canada) – TAS is a real estate development company with a commitment to Shaping Beautiful Cities.
  • Trillium Asset Management (MA) – Trillium Asset Management, LLC is the oldest independent investment advisor devoted exclusively to sustainable and responsible investing (SRI).
  • Veris Wealth Partners (NY) – Veris Wealth Partners, LLC is a wealth management firm committed to helping align wealth with a customer's mission.
  • VIF International Education (NC) – VIF International Education is the nation’s largest J-1 teacher exchange sponsor and a provider of language immersion and global literacy programs.
  • Virginia Community Capital (VI) – A nonprofit, community development financial institution (CDFI) and banking entity, Virginia Community Capital (VCC) supports housing and community development ventures, increases jobs, and builds sustainable communities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

51 Micro-Enterprises Honorees (<10 Employees)

  • B Corp Solutions (CA) – B Corp Solutions collaborates with leading corporations and social entrepreneurs to solve the most pressing issues in our communities while creating jobs and building wealth for investors.
  • Beartooth Capital (MT) – Beartooth Capital is a leading impact investment fund manager whose mission is to generate strong investment returns, real conservation results, and community benefits.
  • Blue Garnet (CA) – Blue Garnet is a strategy and management consulting firm that works with organizations to create lasting social change by harnessing the combined power of business acumen and social impact.
  • Business Culture Consultants (VT) – Business Culture Consultants provides coaching and management consultation for corporations that wish to improve company leadership as well as enhance their connection to their values and mission.
  • Buy the Change (MI) – Buy The Change works with NGO’s and small craft co-operatives throughout the developing world to source fairly-traded, woman-made accessories, jewelry and home décor products, many of which are made from ecofriendly, up-cycled materials.
  • Cage Free Enterprises, Inc. (CA) – Cage Free Productions is a video production company with the mission of creating impactful media that promotes social justice, human rights, and sustainability.
  • CDI (São Paulo, Brazil) – CDI Lan generates income & employability through education & training in low income communities by providing access to high social impact solutions through internet cafes.
  • Change Catalyst (WA) – Change Catalyst works to promote positive social and environmental change with strategy, branding and storytelling.
  • ChangeIt (ON, Canada) – ChangeIt is a giving program that enables users to support their favorite causes with every electronic purchase.
  • Council Fire, LLC (MD) – Council Fire is a world-class management consulting firm working with clients to “operationalize” sustainability and harness the power of information to drive competitive advantage and success in both the public and private sectors.
  • Cutting Edge Capital (CA) – Cutting Edge Capital provides small and mid-sized businesses with the information, tools, and expertise they need to raise capital in a way that fits with their unique business model and long-term goals.
  • DO GOOD Real Estate (NC) – DO GOOD is a socially minded real estate firm based in Wilmington, NC that donates 10% of sales commissions to local charities and nonprofits of their clients' choosing.
  • Down to Earth Markets (NY) – Down to Earth Markets curates and manages approximately 20 farmers markets in Westchester County, Rockland County, and four of the five boroughs of New York City.
  • Education Funding Partners (CO) – Education Funding Partners provides Fortune 500 corporate marketing sponsorships exclusively for major public school districts.
  • Emerge Financial Wellness (TN) – Emerge Financial Wellness is workplace-based financial wellness program that partners with employers to help their workers plan their financial futures.
  • Emprediem (Santiago, Chile) – Emprediem is a management and training company focused on social innovation. Emprediem also offers workshops and training in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Farmland LP (CA) – Farmland LP acquires conventional farmland and converts it to organic, sustainable farmland.
  • Fledge LLC (WA) – Fledge is a “conscious company” incubator, following the large and growing trend of consumers who are more informed and more conscious in the environment, their health, society, community, and even conscious of their own consumption.
  • FlipGive (ON, Canada) – FlipGive provides a digital platform that connects brands to the $200+ billion fundraising market, converting customers into a sales force to raise money.
  • FonoEmpleo (Santiago, Chile) – FonoEmpleo is a firm the specializes in professional development, job placement, and career enhancement.
  • Greater Richmond Grid (VA) – Free magazine providing upbeat news and resources to the greater Richmond area.
  • Green Retirement Plans, Inc (CA) – Green Retirement Plans helps businesses, nonprofits and their employees harness the power of their retirement plan assets for good.
  • Ideal Network, Inc (WA) – Ideal Network is a values-based marketplace that creates collective impact by connecting consumers, merchants and causes.
  • Iroquois Valley Farms LLC (IL) – Iroquois Valley Farms is a domestic private equity company who works to connect investors directly with local and organic farmland transitioned by local family farmers.
  • L. International (CA) – L. is a condom company with a cause: to support women globally by focusing on their sexual empowerment. L. International creates the highest quality condoms for the modern consumer in safety, comfort, and design.
  • La Bicicleta Gestion de Desarrollo (Santiago, Chile) – La Bicicleta Gestion de Desarrollo is a Chile based consulting firm with the mission of fostering social development and sustainability within organizations.
  • Manzimvula Ventures, Inc (BC, Canada) – Manzimvula Ventures is a values-based consulting firm whose purpose is to support organizations who choose to build socially responsible and profitable enterprises that profoundly impact their organizational communities and the individuals they affect in a compassionate and sustainable manner.
  • Mikado Consulting (Istanbul, Turkey) – Mikado is a social enterprise committed to serving sustainable development and yielding social impact. They craft innovative models and solutions by creating partnerships among the private sector, civil society, academic institutions and international organizations.
  • Ned Schaub Consulting – Social Change Strategy (CA) – Ned Schaub Consulting Social Change Strategy (NSC SCS) facilitates and supports sustainability planning, philanthropic strategy, retreats and workshops, particularly for organizations in the healthcare and social service sectors.
  • New Avenue (CA) – New Avenue is an online platform that sells architecture services, loans and construction to homeowners who want to add a second unit to their single family home.
  • New Day Films, Inc. (NY) – New Day Films is a filmmaker-run distribution company providing award-winning films to educators since 1971.
  • One Earth Designs (Hong Kong, China) – One Earth Designs develops and markets technology solutions, including solar ovens and generators, for those who lack access to clean and affordable energy.
  • PwrdBy (CA) – PwrdBy develops community awareness and support for charity through photo sharing apps on iPhone & Android.
  • Renewal Funds (Vancouver, Canada) – Renewal Funds is a social venture fund dedicated to delivering financial returns by investing in leading environmental and social mission businesses in Canada and the USA.
  • RSF Capital Management, Inc. (CA) – RSF offers investing, lending, and giving services that generate positive social and environmental impact while fostering community and collaboration among participants.
  • SNP Strategies, Inc. (IL) – SNP offers profesional consulting to firms that wish to engage in best practices, thought partnership, and intelligent business decision making. In doing so, SNP is dedicated to environmental sustainability and thoughtful investment.
  • Social Enterprise Associates (NM) – Social Enterprise Associates is a consulting firm offering business acumen, managerial experience, financing opportunities, and practical research to business and community efforts seeking social good.
  • Social Good Network (ID) – Social Good Network works at the confluence of cause and commerce, using its innovative software to create and measure the success of digital cause marketing campaigns for brands.
  • Squag Inc. (Toronto, Canada) – Squag is an online social platform specifically designed for kids 8- 18 anywhere on the autism spectrum.
  • Sustainability Advantage (ON, Canada) – Sustainability Advantage provides educational talks and resources to help lead a transformation toward a sustainable global society.
  • Sustainable Law Group, PC (CA) – The Sustainable Law Group, PC serves as corporate counsel to nonprofits, businesses and estates. Attorneys Cecily Jackson-Zapata and Becki Ueno provide organizations and businesses in California with comprehensive legal counsel.
  • Sweet Livity (CA) – Sweet Livity LLC offers innovative coaching and wellness programs to help people and organizations who serve the community to do their jobs to the fullest.
  • TechChange (Washington, DC) – TechChange provides technology training for social change, delivering online certificate courses to individuals and building customized courses and learning experiences for organizations.
  • The Arnold Development Group (MO) – The Arnold Development Group is a purpose-driven real estate investment and development firm that creates sustainable mixed-use projects.
  • Tools4Change (Santiago, Chile) – Tools4change delivers consultancy on strategies, tools, and services to the non profit sector to raise money from private sector through fundraising campaigns, cause-related marketing and Corporate Social Responsible initiatives.
  • Veomás (Puerto Varas, Chile) – Veomás is a women-owned company which provides the first social enterprise coaching services in Southern Chile.
  • Watershed Capital (NC) – Watershed Capital Group is an investment bank advising companies, funds, and institutional investors that are advancing the sustainable economy.
  • Weinreb Group (CA) – Weinreb Group is an executive search and consulting firm with a specialization in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • WorkSquare LLC (FL) – WorkSquare is a social enterprise with the mission of empowering workers to improve their financial stability through the provision of job opportunities with financial training designed to encourage savings and building of assets.
  • x-runner Venture GmbH (Lima, Peru) – x-runner provides waterless toilets and waste management services to families that do not have standard toilets.

About Sunrise Banks: Sunrise Banks, N.A., based in St. Paul, Minnesota, strives to be the most innovative bank empowering financial wellness. Sunrise is certified by the U.S. Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), a designation earned by approximately 100 banks nationwide. Sunrise Banks is also a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a public benefit corporation and a certified B Corp for its demonstrated commitment to transparent corporate governance and positive community impact. Learn more at SunriseBanks.com, on Twitter @SunriseBanks, or on Facebook. Member FDIC.



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